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Nutritional supplements

It has been known for several years that the use of toxic substances (e.g.: cleaning fluids, disinfectants, fertilisers, insecticides, air pollution, dioxin-like substances etc.) can lead to damage to the human reproductive cells (gametes). Thanks to the work of Prof. Comhaire, we know that increased concentrations of oxidative damage to DNA can be considered the main cause of degeneration of sperm morphology and motility in men. Comparable work has been done by Prof. Agarwal in Atlanta on the genome of the female egg cell. The interesting thing about Professor Comhaire and Professor Agarwal's work is that they have also demonstrated that administering strong antioxidants can lead to normalisation of semen quality or egg cell division.
Nowadays these nutritional supplements are available under the name Fertility Man® and Fertility Woman® (Nutriphyt® à link). The composition of these nutritional supplements was finalised by Prof. Comhaire himself, to achieve an optimal effect with the various antioxidant substances they contain.

Fertility Man® consists of Qualisperm® and Linusit®. On the one hand, Linusit® provides the building blocks for the cell membrane and vitamin E. On the other, Qualisperm® helps to protect the cell wall. In Fertility Woman®, Omarin® provides the building blocks for the cell membrane. Improve® helps the cell membrane to repair itself.