Fertility Belgium


In Belgian law, the term ‘candidate parent' is defined to indicate people eligible for fertility treatment. All heterosexual, homosexual and single adult women up to the age of 45 are eligible for all possible fertility treatments (so in vitro fertilisation or IVF in particular, but also insemination therapy). This means that IVF stimulation with retrieval can be conducted until the 45th birthday (and transfer can even happen three days later). Transferring frozen embryos to the womb is allowed until the 47th birthday.

Since 2007, there have also been arrangements for insurance cover for fertility treatments. Belgian patients can benefit from this cover until their 43rd birthday. This means that treatment can be started between the age of 43 and 45, but it will no longer be covered by health insurance. In practical terms, this means that from the 43rd birthday onwards, the embryology and medication for IVF patients is no longer refundable, but basic care is (such as consultations, ultrasounds, follicle measurements and punctures, embryo transfers and any hospital stays etc.). Clearly this does not apply to patients who do not have Belgian citizenship.

The costs can be found in the organisational diagram enclosed.