Fertility Belgium


Here you can get an idea of the various costs that may be involved in IVF treatment. Please note that the stated amounts may differ from the actual costs, depending on the type of IVF treatment required. A more accurate estimate of the costs can only be drawn up after the initial consultation.

  • Costs of medication: € 1,000-1,500, depending on individual reactions to the medication.
  • Costs of out-patient examinations: € 200, depending on the number of tests required.
  • Hospitalisation costs: € 1,600-2,500, including admission to hospital, the stay at the day clinic, anaesthesia, gynaecological operations (oocyte retrieval, embryo transfer), costs of the IVF lab, medication during your stay (depending on the type of operation) etc.
  • Pre-implantation diagnosis: € 1,640
  • Cryocycle: € 500

Belgian patients can pay in cash or with Bancontact/Mister Cash. It is not possible to pay with other credit cards. Foreign patients are asked for a down payment of € 2,800 upon admission.

Health insurance cover:

a) Belgian patients with a health insurance cover certificate

Since July 2003, insurance cover has been provided in Belgium for six IVF attempts per woman, with an age limit of 43 years. This is conditional upon a request from an accredited doctor from an accredited centre. All costs are refunded to these patients, except for the patient contributions. Patient contributions are incurred for consultations, check-up examinations, medication and hospital admissions. In practice, this means that the total cost that these patients will have to pay themselves varies between € 150 and € 250, depending on the number of tests and the amount of medication required.

b) Belgian patients without a health insurance cover certificate

This refers to patients who have already had six refundable IVF attempts without success. There are six refundable attempts allowed per woman, not per child. ‘New couples', where the woman has already had six attempts with a previous partner, are also in this category.

For these patients, we return to the system that was applied before the insurance cover system was set up in July 2003. All their costs are refunded except for patient contributions and the costs of the IVF lab (approx. € 1,200) and IVF medication (approx. € 1,000). In practice, this means that the patients themselves will have to pay a total cost varying from € 2,000 to € 2,500, depending on the type of IVF treatment.

Please note!

Whether a patient has the right to insurance cover or not, the very newest techniques, such as pre-implantation diagnostics, are not covered by insurance.